Friday, December 08, 2017


Another month down. Christmas is almost here. Can you believe 2017 is almost over??? INSANE! This will be my last monthly favourites for 2017 so I thought I would get a little creative with todays post...

The Estée Lauder Set also comes with a night and day cream, both have a lovely cucumber scent. After a long day its both refreshing and calming to my skin. 

It really helps to organise your thoughts and reflect on your day. The 5-minute journal is definitely a fav.

It was a steal at £15 and I dont mind it getting a little dirty. Thats the risk you take with a white bag!

Any gamers in the house? Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a must play! Xmas gift perhaps?

 "I have too many lipsticks" said no one ever. YSL Matte in 214 Wood on Fire

Believe the hype its a must have for everyone. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur - Her second book is also out now, The Sun and Her Flowers

What were your favourite things about November?

Lavinya - x

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Monday, November 27, 2017


Shop The Makeup Range:
Hello again guys! I have not been well *surprise surprise* so haven't been able to upload or create any new content, I've literally been in bed nursing a headache, cuddling my hot water bottle and watching Youtube, so not too exciting, but I thought I'd mesh #3 & #4 entries together and throw it back to a couple of weeks ago to share my first ever make over experience with you guys. Let me catch you up...

  • Thanks Influenster! I was invited by the Influenster Team to receive a complimentary makeover from Marc Jacobs Beauty and John Lewis, Oxford Street. Marc Jacobs have never really been a brand on my radar so I've never tried any products from their beauty range nor have I ever had a professional makeover, so I was super excited to see how this would all turn out.
  • The deets. I booked a 10:00am appointment and being half asleep I was a little conscious of being watched by other shoppers but the makeup artist, Michelle made me feel completely at ease. She started off with cleansing my face and applying the Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer - I love cream primers, the feel of silicone based primers is really off putting for me, but this was moisturising and it smelled amazing. Next, Foundation. Marc Jacobs' foundation line offers 22 shades, with very few options for people of colour. Michelle told me of hopes of the brand being more inclusive in the new year, seeing as its parent company, Kendo, successfully created 40 foundation shades in the Fenty Beauty collection! 
  • To achieve my shade, Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Foundation in Honey Deep and Cocoa Light were mixed together. Instead of pumping out the product it's dispensed via a dropper and honestly a little goes a long way. Its full coverage but super lightweight, not tacky or cakey at all and created the most flawless base, I absolutely loved it and if they do extend the foundation line in 2018, I will be investing in my shade. My undereyes were concealed with the Remedy Concealer Pen in Shade 06 Deep. I love concealers that brighten my under-eye without looking ashy and I think the shade flattered my skin tone and blended in perfectly on top of the foundation without creasing. 

I was really happy with the finished look, while I prefer to look like I've been "contoured by the gods", it was a nice change to achieve a softer, almost natural look, that let my eyes be the centre of attention.

As if the makeover wasn't enough, I was kindly gifted a sample size of the Velvet Noir Mascara to take away with along with a personalised face chart.  If you want to know more about the range I would recommend booking yourself a consultation at your local MJ Beauty  counter. Even with Michelle stopping to serve people at the till, I really felt she took her time with the application process, explaining the history behind the brand and each product in exceptional detail throughout the consultaion. The experience was really informative and I left feeling much more knowledgable about the MJ range and 100% sure that the Scandalust Palette is for sure going on my Christmas list! 

The makeover was an awesome experience, such a lovely treat and I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity by Influenster. 

Have you tried Marc Jacobs Beauty?

Lavinya - x

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Thursday, November 23, 2017


Primark Roll Neck (similar NEW LOOK - 25% OFF!) | Primark Joggers (similar NEW LOOK - 25% OFF!) | QED London Faux Fur Coat Via TK Maxx use WIN20 for 20% off  | Vans Low Top Skate Shoe via NEXT The Label  Primark Clear Glasses (similar MISSGUIDED - 50% OFF w/code CYBER50 )
Shop My Outfit:
The Kar-Jenners are the family the world loves to hate - if they're not trying to sell T-shirts of themselves superimposed over musical icons (looking at you Ken & Kylie) or culturally appropriating (I'm looking at alllllllllll of y'all) or leaving us on read as we wonder if Kylie or Khloe are/are not preggo (who gives a shhhhh), they are no doubt doing something that has my Twitter TL blowing up.

The K women are flawed, no doubt about it. But I like #dontjudgeme

I especially love Kim, you can't deny she has a unique and covetable wardrobe.

And just when the twitter world was just starting to forgive her for Halloween (which by the way was ridiculous because dressing up as Aaliyah was a reach for her...but it wasn't cultural appropriation) she had to go and provoke the blogging world by launching the Screenshop App.

Like most bloggers I use affiliate links, which means I link the exact items from outfits I have shared with you in my blogposts, instagram or other social platforms. Alot of time goes into creating content and I think its only fair that in some circumstances I can earn (in my case a very very very small) commission. But here comes along the Screenshop App - that has basically been dubbed "The Shazam for fashion" - that replicates an outfit by generating a feed of similar products from a single screenshot. You can imagine this type of news was not well received in the blogosphere. I certainly was shook.

...then I thought "lets try this ish out..."

First of all, the app is free - good start. Next, I put the app to the test and I was able to find the exact jumper and its designer, plus alternatives that are almost identical - definitely impressive.

Excited I tried another pic - unfortunately this time the results were a bit hit and miss. 

Ryan clearly has a robe on but the app gives me tops in a similar tie up fashion - fair enough. The glasses selection, however, was really disappointing. To me, the styles have no similarity to the original. I've really struggled to find a pair of 90s oval sunglasses at high street value and not even the Screenshop could help.

This got me thinking about how similar the app is to our blogging process because this is exactly what bloggers do when the original item we want to link is a. out of stock,  b. not online or c. unlinkable...we provide alternatives.

If you checked out my previous post - here - you would remember me saying I couldn't wait to share my new faux fur coat with you guys. A gorgeous dusky purple coat by a brand called QED London. Unfortunately it is now sold out on the TK Maxx website and the brand sadly don't have a site of their own.
*Update - since then I've actually found the coat on ASOS! here but similar have been linked below:

Shop My Coat & use the Black Friday Codes for MORE money off!


The arrival of the Screenshot app initially brought fear to my heart. To be a small blogger in a very saturated industry is already hard and now a potential app could replace any need for us at all. But then I realised I was only thinking superficially.

People follow bloggers because they like who they are and respect their opinions on products, style choices etc. Blogging should be about more than "hey guys buy this!". I genuinely love sharing my outfits, style and my life with you guys and I think this is what keeps us engrossed in our favourite bloggers.  For me my interest in a particular blogger means I will always go to the horses mouth for any info before anywhere else. And the loyalty to do so stems from the community they've built based on them sharing their interests authentically across their creative platforms - something I hope I am doing.

Personally, I think the app could be a good way to source items that celebs are wearing or for when the "where did you get that _______ from?" question goes unanswered by certain people on IG - c'mon you know the stingy types.

Bottom line...bloggers, I think were gonna be ok.

Whether your a blogger or not what do you think about the app?...and my coat lol :)

Lavinya- x

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